Framingham High School Class of 2007




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“High school flew by in just four years, but its memories will last a lifetime.”

     Even though we are now alumni, and even though we will never attend classes at Framingham High School ever again, memories of old friends and life lessons learned in high school will invariably materialize in our minds at the most unpredictable moments. We will remember our high school days. 

     Imagine how awesome it would be if we could create a complete picture of the Class of 2007 – a sort of abstract representation of the entirety of our four years at FHS! With no one left out and every viewpoint represented, it would be a monument not only to our strength as a class, but also to our promise to maintain our high school memories far into the future. It may sound like an ambitious and possibly unattainable goal to cover the entire breadth and scope of our high school years, but we owe it to ourselves (and to our great legacy) to at least try and give it our all!

     Each time you look at the Java Applet above, you will see something different, because this applet is randomly selecting images from a central database in this website and displaying them. So, changing what the applet displays is as simple as changing the collection of pictures stored in this website. Adding “memories” to the collage is as easy as adding pictures to the database. The applet is specifically designed to make adding new pictures very easy, so take pride in the FHS years, and please add your pictures to the FHS Class of 2007 Picture Collage! Simply email me us with some of your high school pictures. It would be fantastic if a lot of people contributed their photos, so please send some of your pictures! 

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